The house is still standing and so are we! An exceptionally busy few weeks in preparation of our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary, but it ended in great success. Well I hope it did anyway. There wasn’t another thing I could have done to make the party go any different/better, the effort I put in was every ounce I have. My tribe of small people made me so very proud. They worked their little socks off too, and I am so privileged to have people with such huge hearts that call me Mama.

Yesterday was spent opening beautiful cards and presents (none of which were expected, we are blown away by everyone’s generosity, thank you so very much, official notes to follow!) and eating Dominoes. I don’t even like pizza, but the fridge is bare bar alcohol and pate, and it was the only place delivering since Deliveroo became Deliverwho round here. I am refusing to put anything on that isn’t blessed with an elastic waistband – ie PJ’s for the foreseeable future. Thus meaning a trip into town would have been relatively embarrassing for all concerned.

But Dominoes bloat aside, I am somewhat relieved its all over. It’s reminded me why theres been a 5 year gap in our party hosting. Stressful doesn’t come close. As the hours went on, and the numbers depleted, I managed to find one of the many untouched glasses of wine I poured and inhaled it with great relief. In a somewhat sadistic way, I absolutely love to host parties but my rose coloured glasses seem to immediately forget the stress involved. A little bit like childbirth – we continue to procreate because our minds are designed to forget the searing pain of contractions and the reality involved in squeezing a melon through a coin sized hole.

Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, evicting a human from the nether regions may top hosting a party in the pain/stress stakes, but having done both, I have to say its a close competition. But just as the labour pains subsided, so will the patio related backache and alcohol drenched sticky floors. All that’s left to say is an absolutely HUGE


… all you gorgeous people that we are lucky enough to call family and friends. The ones who couldn’t be there, you were greatly missed, and here’s an extra special cheers to my Faves in the sky 🖤. We love each and every one of you so very much.

Pass me the coffee, and potentially pate – can I claim I’m being continental rather than a lazy arse who cant be bothered to go to a supermarket EVER AGAIN? Failing that, we have enough wine to sink a ship so we could do the age old wine filled breakfast coffee cup* and be done with it. Wouldn’t want to be wasteful after all,

Helen 🖤

*not that I have ever done this..honest

P.S. the kids enjoyed the party too…… Even if the photo appears to suggest otherwise….I think it was uncool Mama and Aunty that made them look so bloody miserable….I hope!

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