I hate it when a childless wonder parks in a Parent & Child space,
Seriously dude, bad move, just walk the extra 10 strides to the place!

How is it that some folk manage to sleep through screaming babies?
I reckon we can put it down to selective hearing, maybe?
A childs need for snacks is infinite, and they always seem to ask Mum, 
The shame I feel admitting that half of them end up in my tum!

They can walk straight past their sofa snoozing father,
But interrupt your shower for you to open their crisps, mid-lather.

If an eye roll was a word what would yours be?
I’d go with do-one-dickhead-you-are-not-as-smart-as-me
but it isn’t all that catchy.

Facial expressions will have to suffice, combined with my biggest vice,
Loud expletives and a well placed hand gesture,
All whilst our dinner burns because I’ve let my bad mood fester!

There are days when my rants are small and my voice is quiet,
But not today I’m afraid to say,
its gone out of the window, along with my diet!

Helen πŸ–€

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