Is that even still a thing?

Maybe it’s so old hat these days, I can claim its retro? Or like a fine wine, gets better with age?

Clutching at straws perhaps?

This time last week I was so very dejected. My wordpress efforts were an array of expletives, almost culminating in an iPad frisbee, but thankfully my bank account reminded me that would not be a wise move.

I have found getting to grips with WordPress not easy. I admit my dinosaur ways have hindered this, but from someone who last wrote a website in XHTML – an epic number of decades ago – these new visual blocks etc took some getting used to.

I still for example, haven’t figured out how to change the colour of my footer heading, who knew that could be such a tormenting issue!

Onwards and upwards I say, even if you can’t read the titles of my widgets.

Today holds some heavy duty potential. I have spent the last 15 (!) years fighting, dubiously at times, Papillary Carcinoma of the Thyroid. Check that out for an overstated title if ever there was one. The Multidisciplinary team are meeting this afternoon to piece together a very long winded battle.

And tomorrow, I will find out what “The Plan” is. I was 20 when I was first diagnosed and have gone through my adult life proud of my tenacity to stay alive, despite some questionable prognosis’s over the years.

It is with that drive and determination I seem to attack the rest of my life. If anyone, medically or otherwise, suggests I shouldn’t do something based on my health (or lack there of) I rebel. I am a rebel with a cause.

I have aspired to prove people wrong from day one. The day my family and I were dealt the blow 29/6/04 I sang in my tone deaf way “Always look on the bright side of life” on the long journey home, much to the detriment of my parents ear drums.

Tell me I can’t do something, and I will try to prove you, cancer and anyone who gets in my way, wrong. Here’s just a few examples of my stubborn side:

Snowboarding – I turned into a GIANT bruise. Think throwing a peach down a mountain. I was terrible. Dire in fact. But its a bucket list tick ✔️ firmly in place.

I (eventually) passed my Degree – BSc Hons in Marketing – have to be frank, I don’t think I have ever done a SWOT analysis or applied Porters 5 forces from that day to this – but nonetheless those all important letters after my name, were mine!

I (We) got Married – I was never a “White Dress Dream” kinda kid. I was the corner office in a London high rise kinda kid. But alas, I fell hook, line and sinker for this one.

I (We) had babies – I am not maternal. At all. Yet after being informed I had potentially been left infertile post treatment, and the decision of choosing to start a family seemed to have been taken away – a life without babies just wasn’t for us – and so in order for us to look into IVF, we had to try for 18 months. 4 months in I naturally had to prove folk wrong – and fell pregnant with the most insane gusto. We found out 48 hours before walking down the aisle we had succeeded in our mission waaaay ahead of schedule (sorry Nana) and we were expecting. Twins!

I ran a half marathon – uphill! The Great North Run. I had always hoped to progress to a full, but the blisters scare me.

The determination to finish was the only thing left by this point!

And just in case proving babies are indeed my thing once wasn’t enough, we had another little miss to complete our tribe.

My Mama knows me so well!

I (again We!) own our home, not mortgage free, But the intention is there. We have been renovating it for the last 8 years and it is through this, that I have found my true passion for all things HARTS.

I bought The Bag, the bag of dreams, but my conscience got the better of me and buyers remorse worsened so I returned it, only to pine after it daily. One day, one day.

So cheers to throwback Thursdays and getting to know each other a little better, roll on tomorrow I say. It’s Fizzy Friday after all.

Helen 🖤

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