Well, three cheers may be a little premature, but I do like a bit of positive thinking mixed with some unabashed hopes and dreams. I feel as though Ive finally started to take my waffle riddled outpourings in the right direction.

It has taken a lot of very terrible ideas, unless you’re small and aalllll ideas are awesome, its only when you’re pretending to adult at life, you have to accept some ideas are complete and utter TOSH. After some intense brain cell rattling I hope I have finally land on the Next Step. And land, I will, and even if I don’t, we can cheers anyways. Any excuse.

Sometimes I think you can will things into being. You know, positive thinking helps in so many situations, like internet purchases disappearing just before Hubs gets home, or smuggling some none essential beautifying products into the weekly shop. Sneaky.

I have willed an awful lot of things in my life to either a) happen, b) improve, c) change or d) quite frankly piss right off. I am not always successful, but certainly enthusiastic.

My recent Will required situations include:

  • 3 small people arguing about someone BREATHING funny. Will Option d.
  • An hour in a small dark room waiting for radioactive goop to make its way round my worse-for-wear body. Is it cool to no longer worry about only being “slightly” radioactive so long as I’m not lead lined room radioactive? ☢️ Enthusiastic use of Will Option d.
  • The test required before aforementioned dark room encasement to ensure my blood sugars were low enough. Strict instructions to not drink alcohol the day before didnt go that well. It was Take That baby! But my thyroxine and will powered metabolism didnt let me down. That was most definitely a win! Even if it’s against The Boss Ladies best and correct advice. Will Option d.

Hmmm can we see a pattern here? Basically could life and all it contains piss right off. It would shorten the options list significantly and allow me to concentrate my focus on being an old, cantankerous cat lady with no friends.

Always finding the positives in life – I already have two ninja kittens, limited friends, and can be found predominantly wearing pjs whilst getting wax lyrical over my Freedom Fun-Bags manifesto. I’d say I’m 99% there.

But come what may, will alone can not revolutionise you, me or this world. However, it can most definitely help – after all:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way 🖤

Helen 🖤

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