The craziest thing of all, is over ten years has gone by and I’m still standing!!! There are days I question how to be fair, as with any marriage all the roads we have to walk are winding, but 3 kids, 5 houses and 2 ninja kittens later, and I’m quite sure together, we will go all the way.

Even though I love rock and roll I cant sing to save a life, he certainly doesn’t hear what I hear, because whenever I have tried (past tense these days) to be romantic with the lyrics in a song, it literally goes down like a fart in a submarine.

Who doesn’t listen to the lyrics? Whilst I can let it go, I can literally recite Hit Me Baby, one more time word for word, it reminds me of childhood memories. I can’t remember why I started writing this post mind, but whack the intro of a song on and I can recite it in tone deaf whaling ‘til the love runs out.

The list of songs I love goes on and on and on and on, and I have a song for pretty much every occasion that I can belt out whenever someone needs to clear the room.

The Script kindly wrote and donated “I’m Yours” which we utilised for our first dance. The stupid girl that I am had assumed it was because of the lyrics, it goes a little somethin’ like this -“listen close cos I’m not smart” Cracked it 0 Hubs was accepting his flaws right there on the dance floor a decade ago!

Maybe that’s when we should know when to walk away, and when to run! He wasn’t talking about himself in the negative, he was meaning ME! I needed to listen, because I wasn’t smart. Down right rude! I have to be very honest, my response to him was very much this – If you want make the world a better place, then you need to look in the mirror and make a change.

And whilst you can’t always get what you want, for example, someone to fix the patio for me, you can get what you need in so much as a tube of Gorilla Glue and sunshine. Wish my sunburn and I luck, its not a speedy job.

Having said all this, I am so looking forward to the party, after all, we need to celebrate good times – come on! But I guess it goes without saying, and through slightly gritted teeth he really is the best thing, that ever happened to me and Hubs, even after all this time I’m yours. But I really would appreciate it if you (occasionally) could make me feel like the only girl in the world.

Lyrical Love,

Helen 🖤

In no particular order I would like to thank Jack Johnson, Britney Spears, Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Carrie Underwood, The Script, Run DMC, Kool & The Gang, Greenday, Rihanna, Oasis, Petshop Boys, Joan Jet and the Black Hearts, Idina Mendel, Guns N’ Roses, Garbage, The Fray, Sophie Ellis Bextor 🖤

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