For behaving. The Christie’s has finally called! And you will be pleased to know I am not in terrible shape! I can continue to Wife, Mama and waffle away at you for many moons to come! The Parenting Fails and Pigtails blog began to encourage my little brain cell to do some positive thinking, rather than just over thinking. Cancer has a funny way of creeping into your thoughts, particularly about 3am.

Why cant we worry when we are awake? Why do we choose to worry in the dark silence that is supposed to be spent in comfortable slumber?

But the worrying can stop. It can stop because my cancer has behaved itself.

Lungs are clear.

Now those really are three words I can’t live without.

I can not tell you how much your heart lurches when No Caller ID flashes across your screen when you’re awaiting test results.

Imagine all the nerve wrecking occurances in life, piled up together in a shitterbocker glory. One scoop of failed driving test, accompanied by a blob of dropping a set in maths (still sorry Mama Bear) mixed in beer fear, topped off with waiting for a speeding fine to come through and garnished with a generous sprinkle of accidental purchase credit card bills.

But those three little words have literally just made my day. Well, that’s a gross understatement. They have made my bloody life.

So Cancer, I thank you. I am so very grateful to you for not taking residency in my lungs again. The eviction process of the lumps is in progress, and whilst may be somewhat painful, I don’t have to avoid my small people the same as I would if I needed radioactive iodine again.

I have been away from them for 7 days in a row, once. If radio is required, its 3 weeks of quarantine. 3 weeks 😳 They will have forgotten what I look like, how to make their beds, have no teeth left and be living off cereal and take aways!

Whilst the Hubs happened to donate the swimmers that made my tribe, he’s a lot more hands off, than hands on, in his parenting technique. There’s no good cop/bad cop in our house. There’s the Boss (me, obviously) 3 kids and a man child. Man child can not be left alone for too long or he regresses further and I have 4 kids instead of the 3 I signed up for.

Can you imagine how bad this would be if he was solo parenting for 3 WEEEEEEKS.

I feel faint just thinking about it. Monday for once, you have been kind to me. Thank you universe from the bottom of my heart for working with me on this one. I owe you. Big time.

Helen 🖤

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