Ten years ago today, I hadn’t slept a wink. I was nervous, excited and downright terrified. In a matter of hours I was going to be a wife. As is tradition, I stayed with my amazing family the night before, spending hours reminiscing and putting the world to rights. The following morning was spent hugging some of the most precious people in my life. From that day to this, with the exception of some much loved new additions, those people haven’t changed.

Sure, we’ve aged, some have new partners, some have got married. Some have had children, some are still trying. Heartbreakingly, some are no longer with us.

But the mainstay of my life is my family. For me, this extends way past biology and DNA, it is the very centre of who I am. There are people in this world that without, I wouldn’t be me.

I am firm believer that each and every person you meet, shape who you become. A little like the butterfly effect. I have become me through so many events, everything from a first heartbreak mopped up and dusted off by my awesome ‘Rents to being the most proud sister, from being diagnosed at 20 with cancer to getting married and being blessed with 3 small people who I’m so fortunate call me Mama. Family. Friends.

Friends are the family you choose.

And in my little life, they really are. I hope that the people I’m referring to see this, because its not often in this hectic world we stop to say thank you.

So – I Thank You 🖤

Thank you for always being there, for your unwavering support through goods times and bad. For never being too busy to listen to my waffle. For putting up with my ranting and raving (its all to do with my inner chimp I’ve learnt this week so an added Thank you to @ProfStevePeters The Chimp Paradox – I am endeavouring to exercise and box my chimp as we speak) For picking up the pieces when they inevitably crumble. For talking me down off my high horse adorned soap box and gently reassuring me when times are hard. For never getting bored of my wine drinking ability. For mopping up many a wine induced tear and for allowing me to mop up yours.

Without each of you, there would be no me.

And as today is in celebration of the unity of marriage, this is to you Hubs – Thank you for putting up with me, my endless trials and tribulations, my over thinking, my hormonal meltdowns and wavering confidence. We’ve made it this far (just!) lets get another few decades under our belts. Thank you for pointing out in my card today that you are surprised I’ve made it this far. You have to really love someone to take it on the chin when they take the piss out your potential demise. Love right there.

Good to know romance isn’t dead, “I was going to but….insert excuse here…so I’ve not” TEN YEARS RUNNING. Men! Good job I still love him,

Helen 🖤

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