Hoorah for school. Getting the small people out of the house in the morning without Fishwife Friday making an appearance, will be less Hoorah and more GET IN THE CAAAARRRR, but at least it means a car journey in peace once they are dropped off.

I’m tempted to maybe just camp out in my silent box with wheels, but alas I am required to do some adulting this week.

Tomorrow sees the start of a gratefully appreciated 4 day week. My social calendar in said 4 day week is more full than I had intended.

The downside of having a lethargy inducing illness, is highlighted in my ability to feel exhausted before I’ve even woken up. I am at my happiest in pjs – I don’t quite do the school run in them, but if it was at all socially acceptable I would happily lead the masses into bra-less freedom.

Until then, there’s always internet shopping and a hoody to disguise the fact I actually still have my aforementioned pj top on, with the boobies hanging loose. Amen to being a bra-less wonder, whose with me?

I reckon I already have three members for my Freedom Fun-bags Army, because I’m big and they are small so have to do as I say. Or is that classed as coercion? 😂

I have developed an excellent knack of t’interweb perusing for almost everything. This is relatively very new to me, I am invariably slow on the uptake, and I only discovered the wonders of Amazon Prime 2 Christmas’s ago, Mrs I, I thank you ❤️ It revolutionised my life. It is slightly worrying now though, as my kids favourite expression is “its ok Mummy, just Amazon it”

But other than the occasional fail, for example, Halloween costumes turning up in December, unpackaged Christmas list items, or a cat tree that’s so big we need to move house, I am a firm fan of Amazon. Long gone are the days of collected tokens and posting them off for “free” toys, whilst enclosing a required £99 postal order to process the claim, or waiting for Gladiators to start, or Sunday evenings spent willing Songs of Praise to finish quicker so you could watch Antiques Road Show before school night curfues.

We now live “On Demand” In every sense of the word. On the upside, forgetting to press record has become a thing of the past, no longer do you need to ensure correct channel selection so you record Eastenders and not Corrie, or worse still, you are recording on behalf of your parents and you record over vital family fun day circa the late 80’s 😬😳 you can Amazon pretty much anything.

I am tempted to do an experiment, to see if there is anything except live animals or humans that eludes the Amazon web…. maybe not, I spend enough time looking for things I actually need (want) and can’t possibly live without.

Sure, so the accidental purchase of 3 new gym kits is unforgivable, but my intentions were honourable, I only intended to keep one set, its not my fault that they were all super cute and matchy matchy. I even did a happy dance when they arrived. I can thus justify keeping them as I spend all day Mon-Fri wearing them*.And as they can’t go in the dryer they take longer to dry, meaning my wash to wear time ratio is greater….. hmmm how many more unsuccessful attempts at “justifying” my excessive purchase can I find…. an old wives tale perhaps?

One to wear, One to wash and One to air.

Nailed it.

Roll on this time tomorrow, no failed negotiation tactics required until after 3pm. Is it bed time yet?

Helen 🖤

* I am a regular gym-goer, and should you see me in Lycra I have hopefully either been to or I am going to the gym**. I’m not so much of an Active/Leisure wear advocate, instead I will save my soap box rantings for my Freedom Fun-bags manifesto.

**everyone lies

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