I survived Mothers Day with no iodine! Just…..may have stolen a chip or two, but its like broken biscuits, they don’t count!

From the moment we said “I do” (well slightly before actually, sorry Nana) we started on our journey to parenthood. The twins arrived with magnificent gusto, swiftly followed by #girlboss and turned our world into the chaos we now thrive on. It was epic. But epic in the best way, and so many moons later they all continue to amaze me.

I absolutely adore my 3 small people, and feel so very blessed to have them in our lives. There are however days I could punch them in the face (figure of speech of course) and any parent who doesn’t relate to this level of bat shit crazy, please tell me your secret!

We should invent a manual for kids. You get car manuals, dishwasher manuals, and even dog manuals. But kids, nah, you grow them in your belly, evict them and then pop off home without a clue of what to do with the little ball of human next.

And the advice, wowsers trousers every professional/relative/lady in the street, has a differing opinion on what is the “right” way to go about doing every little thing. Swaddle, no don’t swaddle. Sleep on their back, no their front! Change them before you feed them, nope afterwards of course! The list is endless.

Then throw in the mix having twins who were prem and doing an excellent impression of tiny little alien things and the advice just keeps rolling in! Everyone knows better than everyone else. And to the lady in Booths who point blank refused to accept they were twins because they are a girl and a boy, you my dear were most definitely wrong! I assure you they escaped out of the sunroof within one minute of each other!

And to all the people who ask me if they are identical:

A – No

B – One has a willy and one doesn’t. Invariably to be identical you would most definitely have to have the same genetic code……. 🤭

Who would have thought it? 😂

So I’m going to wade in on the advice front and share my little oracles reasoning:

Do what feels right to you.

Poignant that having just been Mothers Day said advice came from my Mama Bear, and I couldn’t agree more.

To all the Mama’s, almost Mama’s and Mama’s shining bright in the sky, I salute you.

Helen 🖤

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