Anyone else humming that? Awks – Just me then…

So the countdown is on until the diet of all diets creaks into action and as a result, I am enthusiastically working my way through the banned list of doom, all before midnight tomorrow.

I think Ive eaten more in the last 48 hours than necessary, just to ensure I’ve ticked my “rebel response” after being told the never ending list of food I am to avoid. When I say “I think” I most definitely have gained at least a stone. Maybe more.

Even stretchy pants are tight.

Hey ho, I’m sure I’ll manage to rectify this at some point, some how 😂 Now please pass me the fries whilst I can still drown them in salt.

I’m having a little jaunt to Homesense today for some more sofa inspiration. I reckon that’s going to end in a lot of fluffy bunny Easter shizzle that the kids don’t need, but I end up falling for and haemorrhaging far too many pennies on. Do love a pink bunny though, almost as much as Imi 🖤

But my trip has started out in earnest with my credit card being abandoned at home. Turns out, my abandoned card is in fact my debit card, so its a relief to know, I have no choice now but to use what is available to me, save me having to turn around and waste all that fuel…….Absolutely zero intention to purchase, just to peruse. Honest Hubs, honest.

Let’s just hope I beat him home and distribute all purchases around the house. “What, this old thing, we’ve had it for aaagggeeeess” I would usually follow that up with, “nice of you to notice” but when I’m trying to dodge trouble, I should probably keep my sarcastic wit to myself.

Any fabulous finds shall be shared tomorrow 🖤

Happy Monday one and all, at least its half way through.

And to the lovely lady who commented in passing that I was a “very lucky girl” in Alderley, I thank you, because you reminded me even with all the shit about to come my way, I am indeed a very, very lucky girl.

Helen 🖤

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