You will be pleased to hear that my Super Fan week was as insanely good as I had hoped and prayed for. Take That are AMAZING although, I have to be honest over one thing.

What happened to Mark?

I was literally in love with him as my 11 year old self would proudly proclaim to anyone who would listen. In my naivety, I genuinely believed I was going to marry him. Like in actual real life, with Gary serenading us down the aisle. I was a member of anything and everything Take That. The Official TT fan club was my fave, and I even had a picture of Mark published in it (proudest moment of my life) and whole heartedly believed it was a sure fire way to meet the man himself. Needless to say, my married name is not Owen.

Ironically, I am now relieved this is the case. Not because my Hubs is an Adonis or anything, but he doesn’t have a weird goaty beard thing that makes him look a bit murderous.

Dear Mark,

I admit that I loved you in a crazy creepy way, but from one ageing rocker to another, please ditch the weird hair and the lip fluff…I’ve had to accept we will never be married (bigamy isn’t cool) but from a girl whose heart is practically tattooed with MO, PLEASE SHAVE IT OFF. It only takes a minute maaarkkkk…(to fall in love, to fall in love)

Thank you, I loved you like you knew my name.

Helen x

I’m off to order some razors and google his address, just to make sure he accepts the advice… restraining orders needed, I promise….ish

Helen 🖤

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