My most infuriating fumble with technology is that of the world of instagram and blogging. I am yet to figure out what algorithm (as if I’d even know what to do with it even if it came and bit me on the ass 😂) is key to reaching like-minded, waffle perusing people and not some bloody bot?!

Every single ad that pops up in my insta-feed is a free tutorial on how to make an insta following of dreams, and they are all TOSH. I have been googling like a crazy person, reading blogs from some of the most inspirational ladies, from @msrachelhollis through to @thehousebuild in search of the “key”.

And yet, as successful and amazing they are, I have no desire to emulate those fabulous ladies. I just want to be able to be me, but ideally for my sense of self and musings to reach more than my Mama and my besties (thank you for supporting my dreams 🖤).

I feel like I’m blogging to an empty space. A void.

Is it me? Potentially, I feel I am most definitely struggling to find where I fit in in the community. My life is, much as I would imagine most peoples are, a very messy, tangled web.

I am a whole host of things:

  • first and foremost a Mama to three awesome small people (and 2 less awesome ninja kittens)
  • I’m a Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty and Friend.
  • I have a passion for creating and designing, an ever present force for as long as I can remember. I write, draw, paint (in various guises) and build “stuff” both for pleasure and it has to be said, a fair bit of necessity (marry an accountant folks and be warned – they aren’t necessarily going to be all too handy with a screwdriver! Different bits of the brain I think, in Hubs case, maybe a lack thereof)
  • And very frustratingly I am also a continuing fighter of the big C, which continues to plague me after an already tremendous effort to get it to fluff right off.

So what kind of blogger does that make me? Do I need to fit in a genre? Or will being an ever so forgetful, honest to the point of occasional rudeness girl with a big heart and a burning passion, allow me to slot into “insta-me” not “insta-you” or “insta-who”?

Now there’s a question.

Helen 🖤

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