There is nothing worse than the dejected feeling that comes over you when a Homesense trawl is fruitless – overkill? 😂

My fluffy bunny premonition was indeed spot on, but I was proud of my resolve to only window shop. I didn’t even buy a candle! Not one! I may well now be perusing eBay for a new desk project for Imi, she is in need as she has grown and bashes her knees now on the previous eBay find. Why do they have to grow? I’m sure she is still 2 and 3/4 as she would always so proudly announce.

On Monday, I met with an absolute legend, and got to know the face behind the blog @honestcancermum – Alejandra 🖤 she is hilarious, witty and rocking stage IV breast cancer. And she looks fabulous. It was an honour to chat about everything from the perils of having your head bitten off by a shark (some clown actually believed me when he asked me what the scars were from – seriously folks, you can’t make this up!) to firework funerals. Which, sound amazing. The one way to be everywhere and nowhere (baby, that’s where you’re at…) 🖤

It is so refreshing to chat about heavy shit with such a light hearted outlook. There weren’t many tables laughing like we were, and at motormouth speed we delved into the world of mets and IVs, cannulas and scars. It has only just occurred to me that any earwiggers must have had a right ear opening experience! Not often sober lunching involves boob jobs and drugs!

I call for a real change in outlook of people with cancer. Don’t be frightened by it folks, as Ale’s near viral tweet pointed out, there are lots of faces to this disease. Do I hate it, yes, I would do anything in the world to stop it dead in its tracks, but alas, I can’t imagine me achieving that in this life time.

But one day, one day it’ll only be found in history books (well the t’interweb more likely but I’m feeling stoic) and that my friend, really will be the silver lining.

Helen 🖤

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