Hoooorah, I am officially half way through the current Low-Iodine diet, consisting mostly of cardboard, I mean rice cakes, and peanut butter.

Thankfully, peanut butter is my bae so we are doing ok together so far 🖤 and at the risk of quoting The Attack twice in a week, I do like to find the silver lining, Ive lost a very much needed half a stone. “Think of it as the summer diet starting early” I keep repeating to myself whilst wistfully staring at a toasted tea cake dripping in jam and butter.

Since I was diagnosed, Ive become a full-fat kinda girl (except my nemesis of a vice; Diet Coke. I know its a dire habit I need to kick). I had to learn relatively quickly what I could and couldn’t eat, so started reading the ever so small, small print. It amazed me way back when 0% fat was the “in” thing, it meant that when the fat was removed, a whole selection of shizzle was added so less fat didn’t equate to less taste.

Taste is as important as nutrition for most of us. I cant believe there is anyone that enjoys rolled oats in water which is a breakfast option on the menu for me at the mo (diet abiding yes, delish, no) but I don’t think there are many people who would want to intentionally fill themselves with flavourings/stabilisers/fat alternatives, that have zero nutritional value, all to save some grams of fat. (I appreciate the irony given my Diet Coke habit).

That being said, I wouldn’t rush to Maccy D’s or KFC in a hurry either – I don’t think they would be classed as a balanced daily diet – unless perhaps you had a burger in each hand? 😂🤭

I try to live by this:

If you cant pronounce it, don’t eat it.

This has come undone occasionally when my chemical compound knowledge lets me down. Panic stations averted, I continue to resurrect some long out-of-date brain matter to help me avoid an ultimate melt down in the cold aisle of Waitrose over what is in my pre-made cous-cous.

Ok, so I’m stretching the truth a little there, Sixth Form was too many moons ago – gotta love Google.

My principle has served me relatively well so far. With a little help from time to time from my ever so clever friend @nutrition_mbs I seem to be winning. Eating the rainbow is very sound advice indeed.

Weight can be a notorious pit fall of thyroid related problems, although, in my experience, it can be used by some as an excuse. Thankfully, although thyroid-less, I am chemically balanced* and take a whopping great big dose (325mcg should any fellow T4 takers wonder) of levothyroxine every day. The main reason is to keep me alive – handy, and the other is to stop my pesky broken thyroid trying to work. The little sucker really likes to “help” – only its not sodding helpful, Akin to when your kids clean the bathroom with body wash…..the thought was there, but the floor didn’t require flooding with soap sud infested water 😳

So when it comes to me weighing in on the diet debate, my thoughts are this: Having zero natural control over your bodies hormone levels is very frustrating, but it hasn’t given me enough of a reason/excuse to stop trying just yet.

When I am well, I run, gym, walk my way through my week. And now, after a severe bollocking earlier this year, when I am not well, I listen (a little bit) to my body. Very annoyingly The Boss was right, if I give my body the opportunity to try to get better (apparently coughing my way through 5k on a treadmill doesn’t count – who’d have thought?!) I do much better at coping with the rest of what life throws my way.

Just because my body isnt in excellent working order, doesn’t mean my mini-me’s don’t need taking to school/dancing/swimming/martial arts, or that they don’t need their dinner making. It doesn’t mean they wont wake up in the night, get ill, or break their ever so innocent hearts over a snapped pencil or burst football.

But, by accepting my limitations, and occasional expanding waistline (there are 2 pregnancies worth of excuses I may add!) I generally can do a better job of Mumming even if I can’t run 10 miles anymore.

Then, when you think you’re approaching a promotion towards “Getting Better”, The Boss steals iodine. I indeed accept the reason, it will allow Isotope 123 to hunt those thyroid cells down next week, but I could murder a cappuccino and chocolate biscuit. But I have found an excellent substitute from @deliciouslyella (the cacao and almond oat bar is the BOMB), and I’m screwing my face up a little less with each black coffee I drink/suffer.

So heres to iodine being freely back in my blood stream in not too many more sleeps, and if my little determined thyroid cells would like to stop pissing unhelpful soapy water on my proverbial bathroom floor, I’d very much appreciate it.

Happy hump day one and all,

Helen 🖤

*the same can not be said for physically or mentally 🙈 “slightly unhinged at all times” may suffice.

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