So my #gymselfie social experiment on instagram has been a huge success. Well, not huge as I am yet to make it “big”, but proof enough that my theory on life (Insta) is indeed correct. Huge shout out to anyone who enjoys or puts up with my waffle – I thank you for sticking by me. Feel free to say Hello, drop me a message or comment, like, retweet, post, share, or even delete if you feel the need 😂.

The bots bot me again and again. I post ridiculous #gymselfie after ridiculous #gymselfie and according to some delightful algorithm, they are christened with a 🔥 or 💪🏻.

Now, as much as I know I am an absolute stunner (ha) I can now disclose that the social experiment has indeed reinforced my opinion that Instagram is fakeroony.

So whilst I continue to blog to the masses (not) I am endeavouring to find ways to connect to actual real life people who enjoy giggling at my moronic escapades.

And in that, I will continue to google “How to get your blog out there” or “successful blogging tips” and scour pages for hours and hours hoping to find the key.

The only useful piece of information I have found thus far is this:

There is no fast track to success with a blog, you have to put in the time and effort and eventually you will see the return. And if you are just starting out, stick with it for at least 6 months. I have found on new sites, the 6 month mark seems to be the sweet spot where things start happening.

Brian Jackson

I feel as though this is so very true. I am trying to stick with my ideas and waffle, and being a real life actual person which is not something all Insta accounts can boast. I hope one day to have more followers than my besties and my Mum. Saying that, I can potentially sign my Dad up too….numbers, numbers.

I have enjoyed not taking life too seriously this week and littering your squares with hot pictures of myself (in temperature only). It seems a shame to dwell on the numbers on the scales, lack of numbers on the bank account and the fact my ass is ginormous, when there is actual, real life, genuine shit with potential to hit the fan at any time.

But its Friday, so there’s fizz and fun to be had by all, and the phone call can wait for another day (sorry Mama Bear – I’ll call them soon I promise)

Love the #gymselfie queen herself,

Helen 🖤

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