So the foot is on the mend. Well, it’s successfully achieving a broad spectrum of colours anyway.

And it bloody hurts.

Hey ho, at least its less ice cold feeling and more pins and needles now. Stupid, stupid me. My memoirs are going to be priceless. New York Times Bestseller here I come (aiming high folks, aiming high!) Or I am suffering from blinded mistrust in my writing ability. Either way, there’s a handful of folks laughing (again I’m not fussy at or with) and repeatedly returning to read my waffle filled escapades. So to you, I thank you for bolstering my little girl dreams.

Today we are off to celebrate the Monster(Mother)-in-laws Birthday. She’s actually very lovely but the name stuck, its marginally better than Shane-dog that my bro christened her….honest.

Families ey – its the one area of life of which we have no choice over. Unless by marriage then it is entirely your fault for marrying into a bunch of muppets like us. We have the best, nuts family going. It’s the right amount of bonkers blended with an unconditional love. I am so lucky to have the support network that has been there through thick and thin, in my case I am quite literally thick and at one point verged on thin…

Through marriage I have successfully gained a fab Sis-In-Law and somehow related to her awesome sisters too; we are yet to work out the far fetched actual relation we are by marriage, twice removed on my brothers, second cousins, maternal side 😂

But that’s the thing about families isn’t it, it doesn’t really matter how its happened, they are yours – end of. A note to my kids in the future – don’t snog anyone in Cheshire without a DNA test first because you, by marriage, are potentially, most likely, loosely related….

I am so blessed to have an awesome squad, however it has been grown around us. Ive Godparents, Godchildren, Aunties, Uncle’s and Besties that are so much more than family. They give me life, love and laughter.

There couldn’t be a better medicine. Except right now I do need to admit to taking a painkiller or two – I am not as hard as nails…despite my best efforts, I am still a wuss.

I am a wuss with a purpose though, Ive survived my week in and out of 4 different hospitals no less, my dented pride is still aching and my bruised foot still prickling but all that’s left now is to survive a footloose and fancy free night away with the Out Laws, 3 kids and a husband….

Wish me luck (BRING WINE).

Helen 🖤

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