Gotta love a Fizz filled Friday. Well actually these days, I’m less fizzy and more flat – ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) – pass me a Gavi any day!

So my phone STILL hasn’t rang (I am ignoring the fact it’s 7:06am right now) I have watched every hour go by throughout the night. Yawn.

On the upside, my trip to Søstrene Grene yesterday, was filled with wonderful little treasures!

I bought a pre-primed BLACK canvas!! The one I plumped for is 30 x 30cm as I have an idea for a modern canvas that will hopefully “pop” on a square, dark background. Everything is so reasonably priced! I would thoroughly recommend a mooch around the store, as you cant buy online as of yet. And, much to my delight, the infinitely clever Anna and Clara, have designed a frame to fit some of the canvas sizes they stock! 🙌🏻

I spent hours, and hours and hours building the frame for my Valencia piece. My £10 mitre saw was a shower of shite. I managed to make my own “angle” in the Mitre box, by wait for it….cutting the frame for the piece on a poofy stool in my kitchen. In my defence, it was cold and wet outside so I didn’t fancy it much, so my squashy inexperienced saw wielding began, and ended. Badly.

Needless to say, I learnt on the job that day. I spent a small fortune buying the same side of the frame about 15 times because it eventually ended up with 13 short sides and 2 (almost) long enough, longer sides.

The Valencia piece in all its wonky framed glory!

Then, if that wasn’t humiliating enough, I had no idea how to make this frame stay in a rectangle. Much to the amusement of Poppa Bear, who is a fully fledged, actual, real life, hands on, House Developer.

You will be please to learn, he has since made all the frames For HARTS. His array of tools is second only to his array of sheds that loiter in every corner of their garden.

Motto of the story, ask for help in areas that are not your expertise. Not only does it save time, angst and tears, it will more often than not, save you pennies too.

Now to take heed of my own advice.

Enjoy whatever your Fizzy “Frame” Friday holds, I just hope my phone rings soon…..

Helen 🖤

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