Sun Screen

The SPF Dream

Finally, the sun is shining. In the Uk. In July. It has indeed taken a while to warm up in to the throws of summer time, but as I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, I have decided on behalf of the entire country, that this is here to stay. Get your Sun Tan Lotion  ready, it’s going to be a scorcher. I have also established, that the pink spot on my forehead requires regular REAPPLYING of Sun cream  50 to avoid crisping nicely on this balmy evening in The Chesh.


SPF is a magical invention. I do not tan. In fact, I burn if I even see the sun peeping through the clouds on a stormy day. Ok, maybe I wouldnt quite burn, but I have successfully been bed ridden from lack of sunblocker with sun stroke in Devon. In March. So its safe to say, my sun survival technique needs work. I have previously show cased my ouchie-ness for all to see and despite multiple occasions where I should know better, I continue to excel myself in my burn-ability level.


This isn’t something I take lightly, my Gramps was a redhead and I most definitely inherited his gene pool, my freckles join up as opposed to my skin goes brown. Buuuut, three kids later and I kinda have to admit to forgetting I need to reapply. I go in cream first, first thing in the morning, and my mental tick list is complete. The reapply method doesn’t seem to make its way on to said list. I am however determined, and learning from many a previous mistake.


This summer I have discovered there are different creams for different areas. I actually detest the feel of suncream, and have spent many a year trying to find a good textured cream, that comes in a high enough SPF and doesn’t make me spotty and gross. Oh and it can’t taste gross either, otherwise there is zero hope of it making its way to my face. With the kids Summer Holidays just around the corner (as in Friday folks) I have to be on my suncream A game. 

Suncream/SPF Options 


Soltan is a family fave. Reasonably priced, easy to apply and relatively mess free. Downside is, it does seem to stain white clothes an irreversible shade of yellow, so apply carefully. 

Piz Buin I have tried many various versions and SPFs of Piz Buin and all to some success. My favourite product is their SPF 50 Face cream which was great even on my super sensitive skin. 

Nivea is probably my all round favourite for the children particularly. It is easy to apply and comes in various formats that make it easy for the kids to see where they’ve already applied, which is useful as Team Twiglet get older and more independent (awkward)

Hawaiian Tropics It smells divine and goes on like moisturiser, which for a suncream-a-phobe is literally a dream. The face cream is my favourite and whilst not as high SPF as Piz Buin, it goes on in a similar way to a BB cream. Im not sure if there is tint in the cream itself, but I feel less pasty once I’ve put it on, so even if its only psychological, its a win from me.

Unfortunately, I am aware there can be allergies to suncreams, so please only take this as my opinion, it is not based on scientific evidence, simply my experiences and stupidity when it comes to being a strawberry blonde determined to go brown.

I am fully confident however in my assessment of the aforementioned summer that has hit the UK. That I shall have unabashed faith in, get your sunnies out, my legs are at risk of being on show,

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