The Twiglets

The Twiglets

The Twiglets

Welcome to The Fam. We are a nutty set of 5 fellows who happen to live in an equally nutty house. Wonderfully accompanied by The Rents, The Out-Laws, The Nana and Team S and multiple cousins – second cousins and probably cousins by marriage (Millennial Generation of Cheshire – literally don’t snog anyone without a blood test first – likely hood of relation by marriage is MASSIVE)

Our immediate family comprise of The Boss (Me – obvs) Hubs (who likes to think he’s The Boss but we all know this to be untrue) and the real stars of the show.

The Twiglets. We went from 2 to 5 in 3 years – impressive I hear you say. We cheated and did a BOGOF deal welcoming fraternal twins (G/B no – they aren’t identical – one has a willy and one doesn’t 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😬) 7 weeks early but blessedly perfectly formed in 2009. Not bad for a supposedly “infertile” cancer bird joining the exceptionally long list of IVF that is still awaiting far too many future parents. Apparently, it was the Hubs Super Sperm, but I’m not sure if it may be more the excessive amount of radiation I received in my formative years. Either way, Thing 1 and Thing 2 changed our lives in every single sense. I will be forever grateful for their early introduction into the world of parenting – and the endless lifts arranged for me by my faves to visit them in SCBU.

They were followed relatively quickly by #BossBaby who is testament to Beyoncé’s mantra of “Who Runs The World? GIRLS!” She came out screaming and I don’t think she’ll ever stop. As frustrating as the (over) dramatics can be at times, I hope that kid gets her Big Break and makes it on stage one day – I don’t think I’ve a lifetime of Shows left in me. I am openly envious of her insane dance moves, and the fact she can almost hold a note. I however, cannot. But should you need it – I can clear a room in seconds. So if you ever want a party to end, let me belt out a tune. I doubt you would even need me to get to the second line before everyone scarpered.

But, instead of reading my waffle, I’m going to let the kids introduce themselves*

Thing 1 – HRG (heerrggg) – Hettie Boo – Boo – Horror Bag

I have a younger sister and brother names Imogen and Joshua. Joshua is 1 minute younger than me we are twins. I go to school. Im in Year 4, I do netball in school.

I love Panda Bears. I love animals. I love my family and friends. My favourite colours are  blue, black , gold ,red , Silver , hot pink, green.

I love to read books. Tom Gates is my favourite. I love to draw. And I love to take pictures with my camera. On holiday we go to Spain. I have 2 cats for pets.

Thing 2 – Dos – Joshua – Dude – Doofus

Im a twin. I am the youngest twin. My younget sister is very funny. My twin is one minute older than me. My Daddy is very funny and proud of me because I am amazing at rugby. I have been playing for nearly 5 years and I love the England Rigby Team.

I have a crazy lifestyle (?!?!?) I love cars. My favourite football team is Manchester United. My favourite colours are red, green, yellow and blue. We go to Spain and I have a scooter there. It is incredible and I love it. In Sports Day I got a bronze medal and a silver medal in the relay.

Tinks – IRG (eerrgggg) – Immie – Tillyfloss – #BossBaby

Hi, Im Imogen. I live with my brother and sister who is a twin. My favourite colours are purple, pink, gold and silver. I have two cats called Tabitha and Beatrice. Nearly every holiday we go to Spain and its lovely there. I have a lovely Nanny called Rhiannon. She is so kind to us. She is the best ever.

Joshua and Hettie are in Year 4 and I am in Year2.

They are Team Twiglet in all their glory. It fascinates me watching them put their lives down on paper. Whilst its a huge part of what makes me tick, its a pleasure to see it rubbing off on them. I am hoping Thing 2 may start forming longer sentences at some point, but if he’s not bothered, neither am I. We all learn at our own pace after all! 

*the only editing has been to impossible to guess spelling, so I feel super proud right now – and I’m sure you have thoroughly enjoyed learning their favourite colour/animal/pet names etc etc.

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