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My exact expression when we looked round our now home was “who ever buys this must be mad” with the colour instantly draining from The Hubs face he quietly mumbled “we may well have put an offer in on it”

The conversation that followed was so full of expletives my Rents would disown me if I transcribed it for the world to read. But, needless to say, 8 years, bucket loads of blood, sweat and tears and we now call the former building site Home.

It hasn’t been without drama, we’ve had waterfalls down freshly painted walls, blown up boilers, inadvertent swimming pools developing under tiled floors to name but a few. And whilst I wouldn’t dream of doing another one, it has been a real “experience” and I’m super proud of what we’ve finally achieved.

Being a Mama of 3, I seem to spend an awful lot of time in my home and in my car, both of which could currently do with a damn good clean! It brings me great joy to look round at the rooms that are finally finished, whilst filling me with dread on those that are no where near. We “emergency furnitured” most rooms, as we didn’t have the budget to achieve anything else.

But at last, through inherited pieces, charity shop bargains and a good few hundred trips to Ikea, things are starting to look, for the main part, coming up finished. Just in time to do it all over again 😂🥴

I have taught myself everything from filling to wallpapering in a bid to save vital pennies on labour. And whilst I wouldn’t want a professional to survey my work, I haven’t done an absolutely dire job. I start off enjoying it and end up hating it, swearing I’ll never, ever EVER do it myself again. That is until my paintbrushes start winking at me and I’m inspired by another hotel interior I’ve stalked on insta.

I love creating everything from room decor to artwork, and have a habit of going a bit bull in a china shop when I get going. And I’m ashamed to say, I don’t always get it finished and have had to call in back up (thanks Poppa Bear) on numerous occasions. Handy him being a builder and all. Maybe that’s where I’ve inherited my “talent” 🤣 from.

Here you will find the successes, the dreams and the Fails. Because life isn’t quite sunshine and roses all of the time. Occasionally it absolutely pees it down, and that’s cool too. Good thing is, it seems to pee it down on me more than it doesn’t, so there’s plenty of entertainment in store for you lovely folks 🤣

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