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It is a hard task being faced with Cancer at any age. As a young naive student, I simply had a sore arm. Turns out I had a C shaped wind pipe due to Papillary thyroid carcinoma shoving my air hole out of the way. And spattering its way around my insides. By way of an introduction to adult life, I would say there are probably easier rights of passage, but they were the cards I had been dealt.

Being diagnosed young has made me who I am. I was at the awkward age where I was no longer a child, but a really wet lettuce of an adult. Cancer changes that. Adrenalin helps. Fight or Flight. By nature I would probably be classed as away with the fairies and definitely flighty. But in the face of cancer, you kinda get no choice. Its a less than ideal conversation starter though. “Hi, My Names Helen and I have cancer” doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.

Despite thyroid cancer being one of the “best” (yes friends, it was described as the best cancer to get) I had to be awkward. And my frenemy made me look like a pushover. The stubborn critter has inhabited me for 15 years.

As I hope you know by now, I don’t take life all that seriously. There are too many times when you have to. Cancer is who I am, but it doesn’t define me. It makes me a better person, a kinder mother, a happier wife (some days) and gives me an overall sense of a life that’s worth living. Even if its a life filled with drugs, CFS, insomnia, inexplicable anger issues and hormones that have no clue how to behave themselves. But… despite all of this…I am alive. 

Helen - Author of Parenting Fails & Pigtails


If you, or someone you love, need any support, please feel free to email me or contact the amazing folk at Macmillan or Cancer Research UK who offer fantastic advice, support and unwavering solidarity. 

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