Wednesday my old pal

I awoke on Monday absolutely convinced we must be half way through the second week of our Easter Hols. As I have no other worldly powers, I had to accept it was indeed only Monday despite my best efforts at visualising my dream.


It could only happen to me….

When I state this, it is derived from a genuine astonishment over a series of events that have occurred in the last 48 hours. I am blonde (admittedly it is more bleach, less genetics these days) but it appears this blonde-ness extends to me being an actual imbecile.


Halfway Hump Day

Hoooorah, I am officially half way through the current Low-Iodine diet, consisting mostly of cardboard, I mean rice cakes, and peanut butter.

Thankfully, peanut butter is my bae so we are doing ok together so far 🖤 and at the risk of quoting The Attack twice in a week, I do like to find the silver lining, Ive lost a very much needed half a stone. “Think of it as the summer diet starting early” I keep repeating to myself whilst wistfully staring at a toasted tea cake dripping in jam and butter.


Mothering Sunday

I survived Mothers Day with no iodine! Just…..may have stolen a chip or two, but its like broken biscuits, they don’t count!

From the moment we said “I do” (well slightly before actually, sorry Nana) we started on our journey to parenthood. The twins arrived with magnificent gusto, swiftly followed by #girlboss and turned our world into the chaos we now thrive on. It was epic. But epic in the best way, and so many moons later they all continue to amaze me.

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