The Mummy Concierge

The Mummy Concierge

The Mummy Concierge offers you personalised planning from bump to baby. How amazing does that sound? When I fell pregnant it was a huge, HUGE surprise. Given the amount of treatment I had received, there was little hope that my ovaries were in good enough nick to conceive naturally. I have an ongoing battle with that annoying thing called cancer – more on that here -> In order to start on the IVF programme, we were advised to “stop being careful” for 18 months, with the view that we would then begin to try to introduce children into this world, however that was possible.

Little did we know, 4 months into our 18 month plan, we would be fortunate enough to conceive naturally! An as if that news couldn’t get any better, we were expecting TWINS.

Now, I wouldn’t swap them for the world, but boy was it tough. From “peeing on a stick” right through to my emergency c-section, it wasn’t plain sailing. On top of that, my level of disorganisation was shameful. Thing 1 and Thing 2 arrived so early we hadn’t even had the car seats delivered. Fail numero uno considering you need to have one in order to take bubs/bubbas home from hospital with you.

Although not required immediately, the nursery still had the lingering odour of fresh paint, the blinds were yet to be hung, and even the heating was a bit sketchy. But alas, they were ready to make their entrance into the world, regardless of how unprepared I was! We landed, twins and all, with a (still ginormous postpartum) bump.

What The Mummy Concierge offers

Tiffany offers a service that will cover all the lists of lists that daunts us all about impending parenthood. Who here loves a list? “Me” I hear you say, but I’m guessing, like me, only the ones you manage to tick off! Which was definitely not the case in the aforementioned scenario. It is so very important to get the help and guidance you personally need, and no amount of blogging me, you or the other millions of wonderful people out there do, can achieve this. I certainly don’t have all the answers or the ability to offer all the guidance you seek for the newest member(s) of your family. 

Aiding in everything from personal confidence to pram purchasing, Tiffany endeavours to ensure the transition from bump to baby is a seamless as possible. Although, I have to say, sleepless nights are pretty much a guarantee, if you were unaware of this, I am sorry to be the one to break it to you. On the upside, Tiffany can even aid in the night time routine, she is practically a real life super hero, who is contactable by email day, or night. 

Stylish Mama’s To Be

Bump support and style are two key areas The Mummy Concierge covers, which would have been of such benefit to me and my humongous sized bump. I struggle to tick the “stylish” box naturally, and I definitely didn’t achieve the coveted pregnancy glow. Primarily because I was either being sick, felt sick, or was sick of being sick for pretty much the entirety of both pregnancies. I am gutted this service wasn’t available when I was green (morning sickness/nerves/shit the bed I’m having twins/all of the above) with worry about becoming a first time Mummy. 

If there is an area in parenting you need help, advice or assistance on, I would thoroughly recommend visiting

Tiffany’s testimonials go to show what an amazing job she has done for each of her clients, I only wish I had my name on there! Her website is clean, easy to use and informative. Given the multiple ways to contact Tiffany, it leads me to believe she is incredibly dedicated to her clients and the role she plays in the amazing journey of bringing a little bundle of joy in to this world.

I am a full-time hands-on Mama and I know I still need all the help I can get – even if my #BossBaby is 7 (years) old already. Whilst Im a huge advocate of finding your own way in life, sometimes knowing a (wo)man who can is the most emotional and time efficient option available. 

Have a peep, Im sure you will love what she offers just as much as I do,

Summer Holiday’s are here.

School’s Out

Summer Holiday’s

So that’s it, School is breaking up for Summer Holiday’s in T-minus 2 hours. I have dread and excitement flowing through my veins in equal amounts. Shortly to be replaced by wine. Well, not too soon, I try to wait until after 5pm, even on a Friday. This is highly dependent on how well this afternoons emergency shopping trip goes. The Twiglets have grown out of EVERYTHING except their school uniform, which is in literal tatters. Come the last term of the academic year, I refuse to replace anything. Even if that means odd socks/shoes/no tie/going to school in pyjamas. This is not because I am a horrible, unloving beast. It is simply a matter of economics.

Whatever I purchase now will inevitably be lost, damaged or grown out of come September, so we go with the feral look for most of June and early July. I feel zero guilt for this, school uniform is chuffing expensive, Thing 2 is rocking size 8 (!!!) shoes. Which come with VAT attached so work out exceptionally chuffing expensive, especially when he lost one (and only one) within the first 2 weeks of Year 4. Yep, he played games with one shoe. I would love to be able to regale the story of him finding it, but alas no, its MIA, probably being used as a boat by the unintended recipient of Big Foots donation.  

Boats aside, Team Twiglet are going to be kitted out this avo in order to have actual clothes to play out in, not pjs. Don’t judge, its only in the garden, and is entirely common place of a weekend in The Mad House. When we leave the house they are instructed to at least put a hoody over their polar bear adorned fluffy tops of dreams, but it isn’t a guarantee. I endeavour however to not go out in my pj’s very often, despite them being my most favourite item of clothing. Past this afternoons plan, I have no clue how I am going to keep 3 kids entertained for a near on 9 week long school summer holidays.

Shit a brick, holiday clubs here we come #staycay. We live a little way from school, so I am hoping to utilise local activities as will be without wheels for a while post op. However, have legs, will travel. The set up here is fab well worth a peep if in need of ideas.  All else fails, the sprinkler is going on, tarpaulin laid over the grass and a good dash of fairy liquid. Nailed it. Health and Safety aside, its pretty much the most fun you can muster in a jiffy. My heart can’t always take the pace of impending danger though, so I leave that to The Hubs. I just get the cleaning up job – yey. FYI fairy liquid turns tiles into death traps, WEAR SHOES as the first line of defence against  inevitable clean up related injuries.


Spending the Summer Holiday’s with Friends


The Mad House is permanently mental, whether I have 3 or 15 kids. I endeavour to have very much an open house policy for Team Twiglet and their friends to enjoy. We invariably have multiple extra kids throughout most holidays. I even manage to gain extra kids ON holiday, which is harder to facilitate when our entire living space is an adjoining hotel room, but none the less, we give it a whirl. I do find that extra kids, dilute Team Twiglets bickering (that and Harry Potter audio books ). Im not sure if it is just because my lot have the fear of death put on them should they misbehave when friends or round, or because it genuinely reduces their entirely unfounded, albeit only occasional mutual hatred of each other.

Cousin Love


We are so very blessed to live close to family, and I am endeavouring to completely exploit this fact over the Summer Break. It is such a long time to be without lessons, structure and head space, it is vital I occupy those little minds with something positive instead of incessant cat calls of “Im boorrrreeedd” or “she looked at me funny” or varying versions of the same shit, different day This is where cousins come in super handy. Family in general, not just those related by blood, are invaluable when life kicks off. We all have those kids we treat as our own. The ones we can comfortably feed, water, get to sleep, love unconditionally and bollock because they are practically Team Twiglet anyways. Over summer, spending time with these pocket of people are vital to everyones sanity. Thing 1 is a big advocate of head space, and tries to use it to manage her savage temper (which is DIRE!) and by adding family into the mix, its feasible to dedicate a little time per child, one on one.

When you have twins, one on one time isn’t something you can offer very often. As Team Twiglet comprise of Girl/Boy/Girl, invariably when we divide and concur, I get the girls and The Hubs gets Thing 2. As a result, Thing 1 rarely gets the head space she so desperately craves. But, with a little juggling and a lot of coffee, I am hopeful we can facilitate this.


School Summer Holiday’s 2019 Team Twiglet Tactics


  • Headspace for each memeber of Team Twiglet and Family.
  • Economical entertainment options such as picnics and danger (water) slides.
  • Fun with friends, adult and child alike.
  • Wine.
  • Braving a potential Road Trip round Europe….I have no words.
  • Completing all homework before the last damn week of the holidays – despite saying this EVERY year, I am determined.
  • Taking up a new hobby we can all learn together – Im thinking learning Spanish maybe – again I say this every Summer…
  • Avoid sunburn – I am going to be an SFF warrior and disregard all protests 
  • Exercise – I have established Team Twiglet (The Hubs and I included) are embarrassingly unfit! I am basically going to bootcamp their asses through to September….I might even order a whistle. Whilst I may be out of action physically, I can holler instrcutions to the best of my ability.
  • Yeah, who am I kidding, definitely more wine.
  • Have FUN – I know this should have been the first on the list but I’m yet to remember that is the point of the Summer Holidays, primarily because I can not believe they break up at midday.

Happy Summer Holiday’s, I wish luck and love to one and all, stay strong Team Mad House, we’ve got this (honest),

Sun Creams Out, Sun Burns Out

Sun Creams Out, Sun Burns Out

Sun Screen

The SPF Dream

Finally, the sun is shining. In the Uk. In July. It has indeed taken a while to warm up in to the throws of summer time, but as I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, I have decided on behalf of the entire country, that this is here to stay. Get your Sun Tan Lotion  ready, it’s going to be a scorcher. I have also established, that the pink spot on my forehead requires regular REAPPLYING of Sun cream  50 to avoid crisping nicely on this balmy evening in The Chesh.


SPF is a magical invention. I do not tan. In fact, I burn if I even see the sun peeping through the clouds on a stormy day. Ok, maybe I wouldnt quite burn, but I have successfully been bed ridden from lack of sunblocker with sun stroke in Devon. In March. So its safe to say, my sun survival technique needs work. I have previously show cased my ouchie-ness for all to see and despite multiple occasions where I should know better, I continue to excel myself in my burn-ability level.


This isn’t something I take lightly, my Gramps was a redhead and I most definitely inherited his gene pool, my freckles join up as opposed to my skin goes brown. Buuuut, three kids later and I kinda have to admit to forgetting I need to reapply. I go in cream first, first thing in the morning, and my mental tick list is complete. The reapply method doesn’t seem to make its way on to said list. I am however determined, and learning from many a previous mistake.


This summer I have discovered there are different creams for different areas. I actually detest the feel of suncream, and have spent many a year trying to find a good textured cream, that comes in a high enough SPF and doesn’t make me spotty and gross. Oh and it can’t taste gross either, otherwise there is zero hope of it making its way to my face. With the kids Summer Holidays just around the corner (as in Friday folks) I have to be on my suncream A game. 

Suncream/SPF Options 


Soltan is a family fave. Reasonably priced, easy to apply and relatively mess free. Downside is, it does seem to stain white clothes an irreversible shade of yellow, so apply carefully. 

Piz Buin I have tried many various versions and SPFs of Piz Buin and all to some success. My favourite product is their SPF 50 Face cream which was great even on my super sensitive skin. 

Nivea is probably my all round favourite for the children particularly. It is easy to apply and comes in various formats that make it easy for the kids to see where they’ve already applied, which is useful as Team Twiglet get older and more independent (awkward)

Hawaiian Tropics It smells divine and goes on like moisturiser, which for a suncream-a-phobe is literally a dream. The face cream is my favourite and whilst not as high SPF as Piz Buin, it goes on in a similar way to a BB cream. Im not sure if there is tint in the cream itself, but I feel less pasty once I’ve put it on, so even if its only psychological, its a win from me.

Unfortunately, I am aware there can be allergies to suncreams, so please only take this as my opinion, it is not based on scientific evidence, simply my experiences and stupidity when it comes to being a strawberry blonde determined to go brown.

I am fully confident however in my assessment of the aforementioned summer that has hit the UK. That I shall have unabashed faith in, get your sunnies out, my legs are at risk of being on show,

We have survived Half Term

Actually, we have survived until the Friday of the Half term. So I potentially need to alter my title, but it wouldn’t be quite as catchy (because it’s ever so witty as it currently stands 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️) Hurrah to all parents who have made it! I hate to break it to you but the ever so, unnecessarily long Summer Holidays are just around the corner. In warm up for such a ridiculously long break from school we have argued/debated/cried over anything and everything. I have yet to understand how children can achieve a crescendo level of screaming in 10 seconds flat because someone used the wrong coloured rubber. Below are just a few examples of my thoroughly enjoyable half term:

Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical

I hate it when a childless wonder parks in a Parent & Child space,
Seriously dude, bad move, just walk the extra 10 strides to the place!

How is it that some folk manage to sleep through screaming babies?
I reckon we can put it down to selective hearing, maybe?
And then there was one

And then there was one

The Twins are on their first residential school trip this weekend and the house is eerily quiet. We live in a constant, almost organised, chaos. I am quite an ordered person, I like straight lines, facts and my clothes to be in colour coded order (ha – long gone are those days) but since having children, I have adopted a “Spanish shrug” response to the mess and devastation they leave in their wake.