Baked Eggs 

Baked Eggs and Tomatoes, Oven and Aga friendly.

Baked eggs and tomatoes is a recipe that I  cook weekly, and I thoroughly enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner! As a family, eggs are a staple part of our diet. They are quick to cook, versatile and an excellent way of getting nutrients into Team Twiglet. We are fortunate enough to have the fabulous Egg Lady delivery service, to ensure we never run out! Bear in mind if we are all eating scrambled eggs for example, I can use up to 15 eggs depending on their size! 

The recipe itself has taken inspiration from many different sources, including . We have an Aga, and that does most of the hard work for me in the winter months. Team Twiglet and I get very saddened when we have to switch it off through the summer. Not only is there no bum warming facility, it also means I have to remember to turn the oven on and off. This transpires to be challenging for my little brain cell, I have been known to put a chicken in to roast and forget to turn the oven on. I have also been known to leave the oven on overnight because I forgot to turn it off. Less than ideal when The Hubs is the energy police and  recommends putting a jumper on as opposed to the heating when the house is cold.

Ingredients for Baked Egg and Tomatoes


2 eggs per person

Fresh tomatoes – I like to use a variety of tomatoes, but any will do. You will need a handful per person. They do cook and reduce down, so I would over tomato if you’re in doubt.

Garlic – As a family we are garlic fiends and have a generous amount in almost every meal. For fellow garlic enthusiasts, don’t be shy. I would use 1 clove per person. If garlic isn’t your thing, I would use 1-2 clove for the entire dish. It is there to enhance the flavours but not to over power them.

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to season

Optional extra’s


When I am making this dish for lunch or dinner, I add some or sometimes all of the optional ingredients as it makes the dish more filling. If you add any optional extra’s I would add another small handful of tomatoes also. This will ensure the dish doesn’t dry out.

 Chopped Peppers

 Chopped Onion

Chopped Mushrooms

Finely copped Chilli.

Method. for Baked Eggs and Tomatoes:


Pre heat the oven (and remember to switch it off when you’re finished) to 200′. Aga users, place a shelf on the lowest runners in the roasting oven.

Finely chop/garlic press the cloves of garlic and add to an oven proof dish. It will need to large enough to contain all of the ingredients – which is dependent on the number of people you are feeding.

Chop any larger tomatoes into rough quarters, no need to chop cherry or small tomatoes. Put all the tomatoes in the oven proof dish.

 Add any optional extra’s.

Drizzle oil over the contents of the oven proof dish. I am quite generous with the oil if it is the weekend, but less so midweek!

Give everything a good stir and place on the middle shelf of the oven, or the lowest runners in the roasting oven of your Aga.

Allow to cook for 15 minutes, or until the tomatoes are bubbling nicely.

Remove the dish and place on a heat proof surface. Make wells in the mixture to crack the eggs into. For example, if you’re cooking for 2 , you need to create 4 wells. Crack the eggs (remember the dish is scorching hot so don’t use that to crack the eggs – this is speaking from blister experience) and gently fill each well with one egg. You may already start to see the whites cooking, which is just what we want!

Put the dish back in the oven and keep an eye on it. I really enjoy a runny egg, and Brucie Bonus it means it will be ready sooner! In order to judge this, I have developed a scientific way of checking if the eggs are ready.  This has undergone rigorous testing* and is by far the best method to check the consistency of the yolk.

You tap the side of the bowl

If the egg white will move a little, the yolk will be runny. If you prefer it cooked through or are expecting, wait until the egg white is more solid.

The eggs will continue to cook in the pan so I would suggest you serve immediately using a large serving spoon. The challenge is to successfully extract the eggs intact, I have tried many a method and the big spoon one seems to be the most successful. Team Twiglet enjoy theirs on toast, but I tend to find it filling enough without. Although it is pretty delish to soak up all the garlicy, yolky goodness with a nice bit of sourdough!

There are lots of variation on the Baked Egg front, check out one of my heroes Jamie Oliver recipes, for some more inspiration.

I hope you enjoy a baked egg or two as much as I do. Tobasco is my favourite condiment, it compliments all the ingredients perfectly. But be warned, don’t put too much on, it makes your eye balls sweat!

Leave a comment with your favourite combos, its always nice to jazz up a family favourite! You can find more recipes and the odd disaster here 

Ciao for now,

*Complete and utter tosh. I have learnt by mistakes. Baked eggs can turn into bullets you could break a window with. I have successfully developed the Tap The Bowl technique to try to ensure you lovely lot don’t end up with bullets.

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