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In my quest for getting The Making Buzz, I am often found in the kitchen. I feel like I am forever cooking, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am annoyingly strict with the kids and their food/drink in take, and I am even kicking my abysmal Diet Coke habit in accordance with my own rules. For someone who is so health conscious, it made sense that a can of fizzy deliciousness wasn’t an appropriate first meal of the day!

Here at The Mad House, I want to encourage a broad range of tastes and experiences for The Twiglets. I try to ensure we live by the “try it first” mantra, before we decide we dislike it based on colour/smell/texture/temperature/plate colour/day of the week. So far we have had some success, so I shall continue on my mission. If even #BossBaby loves curry, I am winning at life!  

From Makes all the way through to cakes, we endeavour to spend time as a family cooking and enjoying food. After all, families that cook together, stay together!

We have a full fat way of life, enjoying smaller portions of the things we love, and bigger portions of the things we need. Nutrients, health and vibrant colours are enjoyed for most meals, but the occasional “freezer food Friday” ensures we consume some beige too.

After all, a balanced diet is a burger in both hands!! 

Below you’ll find some family favourites, inherited recipes and epic fails. Because we do all of life here, not just the insta-worthy version!

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Fun in the Fails: You, Me & The Injuries

Fun in the Fails: You, Me & The InjuriesWelcome to the second instalment of the series Fun in the Fails. This week we are going to look at some less than Fun in The Fails: You, Me & The Injuries. Well it wouldn't be a school "holiday" without having to go...

Fun in the fails: An antithesis guide to home school survival

A how-not-to guide to home schooling. Well the time has come for some more waffle to hit your screens, and light up your life, even if its just a little. Primarily in a laugh at me kinda way, because we all know, it could only happen to me!

Pablo The Perfect Puppy my gorgeous cockapoo

Oh so my most wonderful, fantastically beautiful Pablo The Perfect Puppy has arrived to join The Mad House. He is truly, truly scrumptious. I know I am totally biased, but I am almost sure he is the cutest cockapoo puppy in the world.....EVER!I appreciate that this is...

Back to School 2020 – My Old Year Resolutions

Back to School 2020 - My Old Year ResolutionsWho is cheering in quiet salutation to the universe that it is back to school? Routine!There is a teeny tiny part of me that will miss the matching family pj parties and the beige food binging, but on the whole, we revel in...

One Of Those Weeks

One Of Those WeeksIt really has just been one of those weeks and it isn't even over yet! My week thus far has been a shocker at best, a down right titanic sized fail at worst. This little ol' thing known as life sure can be a journey! I didn't earn the accolade of "It...

My Most Epic Parenting Fails of 2019

Take a little trip with me down memory lane and visit some of my most epic parenting fails of 2019. From ruining Christmas to ruining Easter, it is a dear diary of events that could only happen to me!

The Mad House

Home is where the heart is. And ours is happily no exception. A million miles an hour at all times, but we wouldn’t swap it!

The Twiglets

Unabashed honesty, admissions of screw ups and all that goes with having an army of small folks flanked by two ninja kittens!

The Big C.

A 15 year battle (and counting) has taken and yet given me so much. I make a useless patient but even my stubborness can’t deter this little beast.

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