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Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Thank you, Einstein, I  challenge anyone to dispute this fact. Not only is it contagious, it breathes life into all corners of our world. What ever your art, genre, medium or style is, spread and share the love. My love for creating began, as I am sure yours did. As a child, I would immerse myself in an art project, and spend weekends trawling the garden to find inspiration and ideas. The Holy Grail that is Blue Peter was watched religiously, and even on occasion had a VHS recording, just in case I missed a step. Perfectionist, me, never! Does anyone remember the coveted Tracey Island? Now I really am showing my age!

From Blue Peter, all the way to Mr Maker, I am blessed that Team Twiglet have followed in my footsteps and enjoy creating as much as I do. I have to confess to absolutely loving making pretty much anything. From food to canvasses, wall papering to signage, creativity fuels my soul. I have a ridiculous collection of art paraphernalia and acrylic paints, mostly inherited from my Mama Bear (apple never falls far from the tree!). Team Twiglet and I can often be found in The Craft Corner learning how new product works. Resin is my solo pet project at the minute, I cant wait to have something less bubbly to show you!

Here you will find all things that stain clothes and break nails. I am my own worst enemy! You will also find a fair few fails along the way. I am a “learn on the job” kinda girl with a sketchy life motto. Read on, I promise, It Can Only Happen To Me!



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Fun & Fails of Summer Holidays 2019

Fun & a Fails of Summer Holiday 2019It feels good that the Fun & Fails of Summer Holidays 2019 can almost be said in the past tense, only 214 hours and 17 minutes to go. Not that I am counting or anything...honest. Our staycation has been in parts epic fun,...

The Art of Parenting

The Art of ParentingThe Art of Parenting. How is there an art to parenting? Like, I make sure Team Twiglet are fed, watered and clothed, does that make me an artiste? Is it my flair for entertaining voices in the bath? Or perfecting the ever so important Mum Glare...

Top Ten – Parenting Fail

Top Ten Parenting FailsWhat is in a name? A clue to the nature of the person perhaps? Or to the purpose of a waffler like me on that little thing known as The World Wide Web. As a person and as a mother, I have had some instances where I have made an epic Parenting...

The Summer Holiday Fear

The Summer Holiday FearPut your hands up in the air (put your hands up in the air) if The Summer Holiday Fear has set in.   The Fear encompasses all that goes with trying to entertain small people for an entire 6+ weeks. From the infinite piles of laundry, to the...

Summer Holiday Survival

Summer Holiday SurvivalI am proud to report we have successfully navigated almost 3 weeks of our ridiculously long 9 week Summer Holidays. Whilst I appreciate that Team Twiglet need to recharge their batteries, I swear 4 weeks would be more than enough to get them...

Baked Eggs & Tomatoes

Baked Eggs Baked Eggs and Tomatoes, Oven and Aga friendly.Baked eggs and tomatoes is a recipe that I  cook weekly, and I thoroughly enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner! As a family, eggs are a staple part of our diet. They are quick to cook, versatile and an...

Me, Myself & I

Learn a little bit more about what makes me, me. The trials and tribulations of a Mama who isn’t ashamed to acknowledge a fail.

The Twiglets

Unabashed honesty, admissions of screw ups and all that goes with having an army of small folks flanked by two ninja kittens!

The Mad House

Home is where the heart is. And ours is happily no exception. A million miles an hour at all times, but we wouldn’t swap it!

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