Back to School 2020 – My Old Year Resolutions

Back to School 2020 – My Old Year Resolutions

Back to School 2020 – My Old Year Resolutions

Who is cheering in quiet salutation to the universe that it is back to school?


There is a teeny tiny part of me that will miss the matching family pj parties and the beige food binging, but on the whole, we revel in autonomy. But we are Back to School for 2020 even ig I only have Old Year Resolutions!

All the lines seem to get blurred when the kids are off school. We don’t get up let alone going until far, far later.

Which is great unless there’s actual shit you need to do but instead you’re whittling the hours away on insta or faceyb rather than getting your ass in gear and showering.

Or is that just me?

Leading by example:


I actually detest technology. Ironic when I am trying to grow an online presence, huh?! I think it may well hate me back, I can just look in the vague direction of a printer and it breaks.

Team Twiglet were reluctantly gifted their own screens when they were 8 by Father Christmas. Despite my soap box preaching over technological babysitters, I was adamant that it would not affect their education. As a result, I had to recant my indefinite ban on them ever having one. 

SumDog, Wordshark, Squeebles – the list of apps available to help children with their education is immeasurable. Do they work? I am not sure, but the odd half hour on them can’t harm….

Can it?

I had a complete social media abstinence just over a year ago. In fact, I still do not use my personal accounts. I only ventured back in to the world of posting when I took the plunge to start sharing my waffle with you wonderful folk.

Social Media Pitfalls:

How much time on average do you spend on social media? There are some handy apps that tell you down to the minute. 

I actively avoid looking at my screen time. I am ashamed of how often I find myself mindlessly scrolling when I have ACTUAL THINGS TO DO.

And yet, in order to pop into your inboxes or onto your grids, social media has to be the way forward for me. I can’t pout, I take shit selfies and I have zero fashion sense. Not a stereotypical “influencer” to say the least. So what do I have?

• I have a tribe of small people who I am honoured to be known as Mama to. Some days. Other days I wish they came with a mute button, but alas I digress. 

• I also waffle, a lot. In my every day actual real life (the one where I have actual shit to do) I still waffle, even when I don’t have the time.

• I apologise constantly, and forever worrying about really, really random stuff. For example; I moved schools a lot growing up.  Whilst living “daaan sauf” I went shopping circa 1995 in search of the coveted Clearasil pore strips. The sticky stuff they used was EPIC. I opened the box out of interest and it was empty. I told the store (Goody two shoes) and was then accused of being the one who pilfered it. Still mortified to this day.

• I am superbly forgetful, which is exasperated by the medication that I have to take.

• I have a  granny diary and love to write in pink ink.

• I have three unfinished manuscripts waiting in the wings for me to quit scrolling/forgetting/coughing and get off my butt and type. To actually put fingers to keys and waffle. 

So if you fancy popping along for the ride, follow, like, share. I am not afraid to laugh at myself, take criticism or get told to fluff right off. I am quietly working CONSTANTLY on this little project of mine. I am not on for New Years Resolutions, mainly because the last few years I have made them, they have gone completely and utterly tits up. 

So whilst I may not have any poetic wise words to share, I do have me, 

I am busy over here waving (whilst avoiding a scroll)  I would absolutely love you to wave back,

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