It could only happen to me….

When I state this, it is derived from a genuine astonishment over a series of events that have occurred in the last 48 hours. I am blonde (admittedly it is more bleach, less genetics these days) but it appears this blonde-ness extends to me being an actual imbecile.


NOT Five Hundred Followers Friday 🖤

It is now Saturday after all. And I got botted.


Well, whilst my algorithm understanding remains at zero, I have finally made it to 500 followers! (I hope, Im getting started on this post early as the twiglets break up tomorrow – so Im using the power of positive thinking to will the numbers up!)

AH HA, I was wrong.


Halfway Hump Day

Hoooorah, I am officially half way through the current Low-Iodine diet, consisting mostly of cardboard, I mean rice cakes, and peanut butter.

Thankfully, peanut butter is my bae so we are doing ok together so far 🖤 and at the risk of quoting The Attack twice in a week, I do like to find the silver lining, Ive lost a very much needed half a stone. “Think of it as the summer diet starting early” I keep repeating to myself whilst wistfully staring at a toasted tea cake dripping in jam and butter.


Insta-me, Insta-you, Insta-who?

My most infuriating fumble with technology is that of the world of instagram and blogging. I am yet to figure out what algorithm (as if I’d even know what to do with it even if it came and bit me on the ass 😂) is key to reaching like-minded, waffle perusing people and not some bloody bot?!