Hi Ho Silver Lining

There is nothing worse than the dejected feeling that comes over you when a Homesense trawl is fruitless – overkill? 😂

My fluffy bunny premonition was indeed spot on, but I was proud of my resolve to only window shop. I didn’t even buy a candle! Not one! I may well now be perusing eBay for a new desk project for Imi, she is in need as she has grown and bashes her knees now on the previous eBay find. Why do they have to grow? I’m sure she is still 2 and 3/4 as she would always so proudly announce.


Somber or Social Saturday?

Well the results are in.

The verdict is…….much as anticipated really. A fun filled Easter Holidays trying to find the sneaky cells of doom – a week of injections, scans, more injections (in my posterior no less – no one needs to see that level of orange peel first thing on a Monday morning!) and more scans, with a smattering of blood tests thrown in for good measure. Woo hoo!


Fizzy Friday 🖤

Gotta love a Fizz filled Friday. Well actually these days, I’m less fizzy and more flat – ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) – pass me a Gavi any day!

So my phone STILL hasn’t rang (I am ignoring the fact it’s 7:06am right now) I have watched every hour go by throughout the night. Yawn.