Somber or Social Saturday?

Well the results are in.

The verdict is…….much as anticipated really. A fun filled Easter Holidays trying to find the sneaky cells of doom – a week of injections, scans, more injections (in my posterior no less – no one needs to see that level of orange peel first thing on a Monday morning!) and more scans, with a smattering of blood tests thrown in for good measure. Woo hoo!


Fizzy Friday 🖤

Gotta love a Fizz filled Friday. Well actually these days, I’m less fizzy and more flat – ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) – pass me a Gavi any day!

So my phone STILL hasn’t rang (I am ignoring the fact it’s 7:06am right now) I have watched every hour go by throughout the night. Yawn.

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