National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – Endorphins

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – a day late. Because who wants to be first to the party?* Endorphins are one of my best pals, red on to find out why! Happy Thursday one and all!

H x

*Ok, truth be told. GoDaddy and I have fallen out because its tosh and doesnt work. An

#SocialSeptember with Mummy Social

Mummy Social and Me - #SocialSeptmeber#SocialSeptember & Me: Let's go back on a little journey together, way back when on a winters day, I remember needing a pint of milk from the supermarket. With 3 month old twins in tow. My stumbling blocks were vast and many,...

Back to School, we have survived!

We have survived, and made it to September! Thank the universe! Back to School we go Team Twiglet, quick quick, silence is awaiting me…

Fun & Fails of Summer Holidays 2019

Fun & a Fails of Summer Holiday 2019It feels good that the Fun & Fails of Summer Holidays 2019 can almost be said in the past tense, only 214 hours and 17 minutes to go. Not that I am counting or anything...honest. Our staycation has been in parts epic fun,...

The Art of Parenting

The Art of ParentingThe Art of Parenting. How is there an art to parenting? Like, I make sure Team Twiglet are fed, watered and clothed, does that make me an artiste? Is it my flair for entertaining voices in the bath? Or perfecting the ever so important Mum Glare...

Top Ten – Parenting Fail

Top Ten Parenting FailsWhat is in a name? A clue to the nature of the person perhaps? Or to the purpose of a waffler like me on that little thing known as The World Wide Web. As a person and as a mother, I have had some instances where I have made an epic Parenting...

Living The Dream

Dream Big

Dream Big Little One

Welcome to Parenting Fails & Pigtails! Affectionately known as The Mad House. Our family life began with speed and earnest and we went from 2 to 5 in under 3 years. Not bad considering we were unsure of my biological ability. Our twins arrived early, and whilst tiny, they arrived well, swiftly followed by #BossBaby.

We live, work and play in a small town in Cheshire. It comprises of 2 roads littered with 17(!!!) hairdressers! I’m not sure which one is King or Princess Street, but one runs a long the top of the hill and the other the bottom, so they are simply Top Street and Bottom Street for ease of my incredibly mistreated brain cell.

We have a particular reoccurring problem of pj parties and pizza tea (this may have something to do with why my jeans have stopped going over my butt – less Beyoncé more Mr Blobby) but its a price worth paying if there’s a Pizza Express voucher up for grabs.

My children are my world, they are noisy, not quite feral small people who can fall out with you if you look at them funny (I would make a shocking sales person) but I wouldn’t swap them for the world. Actually, some days I’m tempted….

Whether you laugh with me, or at me, I hope you continue reading and it raises a smile.

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